Our premium mulch and stone installation service can improve any existing landscape and instantly enhance the curb appeal of your property. We use quality stone materials in the style of your choosing and our premium mulch will compliment your home or property.



Do you prefer mulch or stone? Or perhaps a little of both? Regardless of which one you like, we have you covered when it comes to installing stone or mulch. There are many benefits of each option and everyone has their own personal taste; some people prefer mulch over stone and vice versa.

Sometimes combining them offers a tremendous improvement. Choosing coordinating stone and mulch has an affect on the overall result. Especially if there are nearby structures, trees, or other elements that could affect the overall look. If you aren’t sure which option would be best, our SC mulch and stone landscape installation experts will gladly discuss them with you.


We offer an assortment of stone and mulch varieties so that you can choose exactly what you want. Either can instantly improve the appeal of any property.

Benefits of Stone Installation

Low Maintenance – Perhaps one of the main reasons many homeowners prefer stone to mulch. It doesn’t require much of your attention.

It Holds Appeal – Stone is durable and will last for a decade at the least. After 5-10 years it’s common to see fading but this can be fixed with a top-dressing.

Ideal for Wash Our Areas – If you have an area on your property that tends to get washed out, stone will remain in place and the water will have little effect on the stone’s durability.

Stone is typically the best option if you are installing it around your outdoor lighting fixtures, or close to your house and without flowers.

Benefits of Mulch Installation

Prevents Weeds – Mulch can help prevent any weeds from germinating and growing. Weeds require attendance (to be pulled) and also steal important resources from your plants. Not to mention they aren’t pleasing to the eye.

Helps Soil Retain Moisture – This is very important if you have plants where mulch is installed.

Seasonal Benefits – During the hot months it keeps your plant’s roots cooler and during the cold months it can help protect plant roots.

Mulch is typically the best option if you have plants, shrubs or trees in the same location that require the assistance of natural elements from mother nature.

I was renovating a property to get ready to put on the market and it needed an overhaul in the flowerbed and flower gardens that already existed. I hired Scapeabilities to take care of it for me and the results were perfect.
Jessica Sanchez
I surprised my wife with new mulch and stone for our landscape and I called Scapeabilities to get it done for me. They arrived on time and had everything done and cleaned up before my wife got home. Great surprise for her and a pleasure working with your team.
Clarence Westlake

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