One of the most common services we perform is removing and pruning trees and shrubs, in addition to removing stumps. If you have trees that pose a safety hazard or a stump that is unsightly and you want it removed, you want to call us.



Certain trees can be a safety hazard if they’re close to power lines or structures. Sometimes trimming the limbs can help but sometimes a complete removal is more ideal. We provide superior tree removal services, in addition to tree and shrub pruning, for Pawleys Island SC and the surrounding communities. You can keep your lawn in pristine condition with our pruning services. If you have an ugly stump that needs to be removed, you want to call us! You can even opt to keep the mulch that is created from the stump to be spread elsewhere on your property.

Just imagine what you could do with the space opened by having your unsightly stump removed? Or how much more secure you will feel with your children playing outside because you had the dangerously low limbs removed? We can handle your tree and stump removal needs, whether big or small. We use state-of-the-art equipment and utilize safe techniques at all times.

You can try to do it yourself, but there is a lot at risk by doing so. Don’t take the risk and call SC’s leading tree and stump removal experts at Scapeabilities. We’ve been providing quality tree and shrub services for SC residents for more than 25 years; we know how to get it done!


When it comes to removing trees and stumps we keep safety our main priority at all times. We respect your property and do what it takes to ensure no harm is done while performing our services.

Why Use Tree and Stump Removal Services?

There are many reasons to use tree and stump removal services including:

Safety – This is the most common reason for the tree removal services we have done throughout Pawleys Island; safety. Old trees can pose more risk if their branches are weak or unhealthy. Branches that are prone to fall pose a very serious safety hazard to any person or structure nearby.

Save Time & Money – Our tree and stump removal services are very affordable and competitively priced. It takes time and labor to remove a tree or stump and our experts will gladly handle it for you.

Damage Caused by Roots – Some trees may have overgrown roots that have started to invade nearby structures or cause problems with underground utility lines. Sometimes there is a way around tree removal in this instance but our experts can inform you of your options after assessing the situation.

Eliminate Unhealthy or Dead Branches – It happens. But when left there diseased or dead branches only make it harder for the healthy branches to remain just that; healthy. Our pruning services will make your shrubs or trees more appealing and help them to thrive again.

Curb Appeal Enhancement – If your property is noticed by many you probably want it to look great. A professional pruning service could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of Tree and Shrub Pruning

There are many benefits to having your trees and shrubs pruned should they need it, including:

Maintain Good Health – Both shrubs and trees will benefit from having a good pruning done as needed because it helps them stay healthy. Younger trees will require more pruning than mature trees.

Promote Other Plant Growth – Any nearby plants or trees or shrubs will have a hard time growing to their fullest potential if everything has been left to become overgrown. Pruning regularly can keep all of your greenery healthier.

Our professionals can answer any questions you have regarding any of our landscape services when you call 843-344-3760.

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We had a very old large tree in our yard that needed to come down due to its close proximity to our home. I called Scapeabilities and their guys came out and did a fantastic job. They also cleaned up the area nicely when they were done. I never once felt concerned in terms of safety for my home or family while they were working. Thank you so much!
Margaret Richardson
I had an ugly stump in my yard that had to go. Scapeabilities had been recommended to me in the past by a friend but I had never needed any such services. Thankfully I had an idea of who to call when it came to removing this stump. Highly recommend!
Claudia Nickle

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